I am a javascript developer with eight years of experience working in product development teams building web and hybrid mobile applications using modern web technologies.

I work in one of the new product development teams at Booking.com.

Before joining Booking.com, I was one of the early-stage developers working at VaycayHero.com (San Francisco-based graduate of the YCombinator incubator in Hotel Tech) as a User Experience Developer. I collaborated with designers in creating wireframes and building a single page application using AngularJS.

But I spent much of my career (4 years) working for Finovera.com (All in one Bill Management and Payment Platform). I joined the team as the first frontend developer. I developed and maintained a hybrid mobile application using Cordova, internal admin tools to manage our customers, responsive web application using Kendo UI + Angular. I helped drive the effort to modernize the stack from ES5 to ES6 (and a bit of TypeScript) on both mobile and web applications.

My interests include UX/HCI, Analytics, and Web Performance.